In Love
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Materials here
Thank you Zuzzanna for the mask. You can find her beautiful homepage here
Put the masks LN-kaithy and zuzzanna_mask1 in your mask folder in my psp files
Open pattern  CVE_in_love in PSP and minimze
The rest is tubes
1. Open a new image 500x400
2. Find pattern CVE_in_love and set it like this:
3. Flood fill with the pattern
4. Adjust - blur - radical blur like this:
5. Layers - new raster layer
6. Flood fill with colour: #0f2a7b
7. Layers - load/save mask from disk
find the mask: LN-kaithy like this:
8. Layers - merge group
9. Åben the tube lauren_2.11.06_es
copy it to your image as new layer and move it to the left
10. Effects - texture - mosaik glass like this:
11. Layers - opacy 26
12. Open the tube BlueLook_MistedByGini_02-08-06
copy it to your image as new layer and move it to the left
13. Image - rezise 80 % (no mark in all layers)
copy it to your image as new layer and move it down in the right corner
15. Layers - blend mode - luminance L
16. Layers - opacy 61
17. Layers - merge visible
18. Image - add border- 4 pixels - symetric- colour: #33449e
19. Layers - promote to background layer
20. Layers - duplicate
21. Rezise the top layer 80 % (no mark in all layers)
22. Aktivate the buttom layer (raster 1)
23. Layers -  opacy 30
24. Layers - new raster layer (it has to lay between the two other layers)
25. Flood fill the layer with colour: #0f2a7b
26. Layers - load/save mask from disk
find the maske: zuzzanna_mask1 like this:
27. Layers - merge group
28. Layers - new raster layer
29. Layers - arrange - send to buttom
30. Flood fill with the same pattern as before
31. Adjust -radical blur like this:
32. Layers - merge visible
33. Image add borders like before
34. Tag text tool like this:
Font: CBX-heber
background colour: #0f2a7b
35. Write your name and put it like mine
36. Layers - convert to raster
37. Effects -drop shadow like this:
38. Layers - merge visible
39. Save as JPG
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Made 1/7-2007