Wish you were here
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This picture is dedicated to my best friend Mona Bech Guldmann who unfortunately no longer is among us.


Materials here
 Effects - plugin -  VM extravaganza can be found here

Put the brush "wish you were here"in your PSP folder, where you keep your brushes.

This tutorial is made in PSPX but can also be created in other versions.

Thanks to Casiop who has tested this tutorial for me.


Create a new image 500x500 transparent

Set your foreground color to # 96ba8e and flodfil the layer with it.

Create anew raster layer

Set your background color to # d9f1d3 and flodfil the layer with it.

Open the image mask.jpg and minimize it.

 Layers - new mak layer - from image with these settings:


Layers - merge - merge group

Effects - plugins -  VM extravaganza - transmission with these settings:

Layers - merge - merge visible

Adjust - blur -  radial blur with these settings:

Open the tube Giada_The_colour_of_freedom, edit - copy - paste as new layer and and place it like mine
Image - rezise 80% - no mark in all layers
Open the tubeJC_Flordelys-legacy1, edit - copy - paste as new layer and and place it like mine
In the layerpalette: set blend mode to luminance (Legacy) and opacity 26

New raster layer

Make a selection like this:

Set your foreground color to gradient with these settings:
Floodfill the selection with the gradient

Effects - plugins - VM extravaganza - transmission with same settings like before
Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow with these settings -  color: #475e48:


Repeat drop shadow but with -2 in vertical and horizontal
Selections - select none
I the layerpalette - duplicate 2 times so you have 3 layers with squares and place them like mine in the upper left corner

Close all layers except the 3 layers with the squares.
Merge visible
Duplicate the layer

Image - mirror and image -  flip
Open all layers

New raster layer

Set foreground color to: #485e44
Find the brush "wish you were here" and place it like mine with these settings:

Image - add border with 1 pixel - color #485e44 - mark in symmetric
Image - add border with 10 pixel  color red- mark in symmetric

Image - add border with 1 pixel - color #485e44 - mark in symmetric

select the red border with the magic wand - feather 0

Keep your foreground color at: #485e44 and set your background color to: #c4d7be

Make a gradient on your foreground with these settings:
Floodfill with the gradient

Effects - 3D effects - inner bevel with these settings
Repeat inner bevel
Selections - select none

Write your name with a font you like
I used Dr Carbfred with color: #485e44
Effects - 3D effects - drop shadow : 1 / 1 / 100 / 1 color black
Save as jpg
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Started 14/4 2008
Finished 13/2 2010