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Materials here
1. Open the flower tube mandarine
Copy and paste as new image
close the original
2. Go to the layer palette and duplicate layer
3. Rezise your copy layer 80 %
(no mark in all layers)
4. Aktivate raster1 layer
5. Effects - distortion - ripple like this:
6.Effects -distortion - spiky halo like this:
7. Move the flower down in the right corner (like my tag)
8. Open the tube beauty1630 and copy it to your image as new layer.
9. Image - mirror and move it to the edge
10. Effects - 3D - drop shadow like this:
11. Opacy 95
12. Layers - new raster layer and send it to the buttom
13. Set your forground colour to: #f87f2b
and set your background colour: #d72c00
Make a gradient on your background like this and flood fill your layer:
14. Merge visible
15.  Add borders 1 with colour: f87f2b
16. Add borders 15 with colour: white
17. Add borders 1 with colour: f87f2b
18. Select the white border with magic wand 
feather 0
tolerance 0
19. Effects - reflections- kalejdoscope like this:
20. Effekts - 3d - inner bevel like this:
21. Selections - select none
22. Selections - select all
23. Selections - modify - contract 17
24. Layers - new raster layer
25. Effekts - 3d - cotout med like:
26. Selections - select none
27.  Select texttool and find a nice font ( mine is CBX-heber)
28.Set your background colour to: #f87f2b
and close your forground
29. Write your name and place it where you like it 
30. Convert to raster
31. Effects - 3d - drop shadow: as before and repeat it
32. Save as JPG
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