Un-Break My Heart
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This tutorial is made with PSPX, but can also be made with other versions.
Thank you Casiop for testing this tutorial for me.
Materials here

FM Tile tools here

Flaming peer - Flood here


Open a new image500x500 transparent

Forgrund: #c3e6fa and background #3a57fe


Set a gradient on your background like this:


Flood fill with the gradient

Selections - select all


New raster layer

Open the
tube PAY-JLL2007-34.pspimage

 Edit - copy and edit - paste into selection. Selections - Select none

Adjust - blur - radial blur like this:


Make the layer bigger by pulling it in all directions with the pick tool (deform tool in other PSP versions.


Open the tube 1166dwtubes.pspimage and edit - copy - edit - paste as new layer

 Image - rezise 80% (no mark in all layers)

Place the tube as mine


Activate raster 1

Make a selection like this one with selection tool - rectangle (feather 40)

The selctionen will get bigger and this is supposed to when you have feather on:


Effects - plugins - flaming peer - flood like this:

Adjust -brightness & contrast -  brightness/contrast 38 / 25


Selections - select none

ActivateStil raster 3 (the layer with the woman in water)

Selection tool - freehand like this:


Make a selection like this (select all of the water on the tube) :

 Hit the delete button on your keyboard twice so it looks like her hands are under water)

Selections - select none

Open the tube Men-009@TM. psp - edit - copy and edit - paste as new layer and place it in the left upper corner

In the layerpalette - arrange - move down

Opacity 46


Make a selection like this:

 Hit delete untill the edge is soft (2-3 times)

Selections - select none

Open the tube Cher_cve_accent.pspimage - edit - copy - edit - paste as new layer

Image - rezise 60% (no mark in all layers)

Image free rotate - right - 10 - no mark in the two lower boxes

In the  layerpalette: arrange - bring to top and duplicate layer

Image - mirror

 Image - free rotate as before, but this time mark left

 Place them as mine

Activate the top layer and merge down

Effects - drop shadow like this (color: #f7f3ef):


Effects - plugins - fm tile tools - blend emboss like this:


Image - add border - 3 pixel - mark in symmetric - color #1e3244


Image - add border - 20 pixel - mark in symmetric - color rød


Select the red border with magic wand  - like this:


Effects - reflections - kalejdoscope like this:



Effects - 3D effects - inner bevel like this:



Selections - select none


Image - add border - 3 pixel - mark in symmetric - color #1e3244


Open the tube Cher_cve_word_art1.pspimage - edit - copy,  edit - paste as new layer


Image - rezise 70% - (no mark in all layers) and place it like mine


Effects -3D effects - drop shadow:

 - farve sort


Add your name with a font you like

I used the font halfmoon - color #eff1ef


Effects -3D effects - drop shadow: 

- color black


Repeat drop shadow:

- color black


Merge - merge all


Save as jpg


© Cher Design

Made 18/2 2010